Accelerated Reader Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Accelerated Reader Login:

Accelerated Reader Login Instructions:

1. The first step is to visit the right page, which you can either copy or click on here: This is a straightforward login page. This is the student login, but if you would prefer to login as a parent, visit so you can login on your own.
2. As you might be used to, just type your username into the field marked as "user name" at right about the middle of the page. There is a link to help you find the right username if you forget it or lose it.
3. You will notice that there is a box for you to enter in your password directly underneath the username box. Type your password in carefully.
3. After this is done, you can either press enter or move your mouse pointer to the big blue button that says "log in." Click on that button, and you will be logged into your or your student's Accelerated Reader account.


Accelerated Reader Password Reset:

1. In order to reset your password, you can't just use the website like you might expect. There is a link to search for your username, but that is all. Since passwords are given out by the student's school, you will have to contact your school that uses Accelerated Reader in order to get your new password.

Contacting Renaissance Learning (AR's Host page):

1. Write in at: Corporate Headquarters
Renaissance Learning, Inc.
2911 Peach Street
Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin 54494
PO Box 8036
Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin 54495-8036
2. Call at:
Toll Free: (800) 338-4204
Local Phone: (715) 424-3636
General Fax: (715) 424-4242
Toll-Free Order Services Fax: (877) 280-7642
3. Other Contact Info:
Technical Support: Knowledge Base or Submit a Question
Non-technical inquiries:
Press and media inquiries:

The Contact page of the site includes a note: "Please include your school name and address with all inquiries."